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2023 Adventure Photos

Dylan Geihsler recently finished his chemotherapy for B-Cell Leukemia and is working his way through the recovery process. In October Dylan, accompanied by his father Adam, bagged this great trophy mule deer buck!


We are looking forward to presenting the mount to Dylan at our banquet March 2nd.

We are thrilled to report that combat wounded veterans Rich Lunzer & Brayden Meckley just finished their Colorado hunting adventure at J&D Outfitters. They both were successful with a nice whitetail buck and a female pronghorn. What an amazing experience for these deserving combat wounded heroes.


Congratulations and thank you so much for your service & sacrifice!

If you were at our 10th annual fundraising dinner banquet, you were fortunate to meet 7 year old Eleanor Linde from Apple Valley. Eleanor has kidney wilms tumor and aggressive stage 4 metastasis to lungs, lymph, and spine. We are so happy to say that Eleanor and her whole family just spent a week at Give Kids the World Village at Disney World!


Congratulations Eleanor!!

Colin Jorgenson did 2 tours in Iraq. While serving his country for 24 years, Colin suffered rocket & mortar attacks resulting in 6 surgeries. We are extremely excited to announce that in October Colin bagged this 6x8 trophy bull elk that scored 430!


That is truly the trophy of a lifetime for anyone. Congrats Colin!! We can't wait to see the mount at our banquet March 2nd!

Several of our recipients attended our annual group pheasant hunt in September.


The hunt was a big success and everyone had a great time. Awesome memories were made that will last a lifetime.

11 year old Kallyn Beauperlant lives in Plainview, MN. She was originally diagnosed with a rare ovarian tumor in Oct 2021. After several surgeries and 4 rounds of chemo, Kallyn is doing great! She recently returned from a Brainerd Lakes adventure where she had unlimited tickets to the waterpark at Arrowwood Lodge, and 2 days of guided fishing with Nate Berg.


Kallyn had an awesome time and caught several species of fish. Congrats Kallyn!

The Outdoor Adventure Foundation took 50 of our recipients and family to see the Twins play in June. Although the Twins lost both games everyone had a great time!


14 year old Emma Melby from Moorhead, MN was diagnosed with stage 4 non hodgkins lymphoma in Dec '21. Emma recently returned from a family houseboat & fishing adventure on beautiful Lake Vermilion. They had a great time, caught lots of fish and even had a shore lunch fish fry. Thank you to Lake Vermilion Houseboats, Sunset Glow Guide Service, and Cliff's Guide Service for helping to make this possible!


Congratulations Emma!


Brayden Gildea from Glencoe, MN was diagnosed with Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) 1 week before his 14th birthday. After intense chemotherapy treatments Brayden is recovering well. We are thrilled to report that Brayden recently returned from DOA Outfitters in Manitoba where he bagged this black bear!


What an awesome adventure! Congrats Brayden!


20 year old Maddie Barkow from Minnetonka was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in Feb 2017. In 2021 Maddie's cancer came back and was treated with a bone marrow transplant and 8 weeks in the ICU. Maddie is doing much better now, and we are happy to say that she just got back from salmon fishing with RV Charters on Lake Michigan. Although the fishing was a little on the slow side, they did catch some salmon and lost a huge trophy salmon while reeling it in.


What a great experience! Congrats Maddie!


We had another great fishing trip in July at Cyrus Resort on Lake of The Woods!


There were lots of smiles and stories to bring home from the Walleye capitol of the world!


13 year old Allison Marsh from Mora, MN has already had 9 brain surgeries so far in her young life. We are happy to say that Allison and her family recently returned from a Lake Vermilion adventure where they stayed at White Eagle Resort, and had guided fishing with Dave Schueck and Dave Swenson.


They had an awesome time and caught loads of fish. Congrats Allison!


Jack Zimmerman of Elysian, MN lost both his legs serving his country in Afghanistan. Jack also lost his thumb and parts of his finger on one hand. Even with all his struggles and injuries, Jack has a great infectious attitude. We can never thank Jack enough for his service to our great country, however we are happy to say that Jack recently returned from a Rainy Lake fishing adventure at Thunderbird lodge with guided fishing from Rainy Lake legend Mike Williams. The fishing was great and they had an awesome time. Congrats Jack!!


18 year old Tony Cash from Fort Ripley, MN got his first bear ever on his hunt! It came down to the wire with Tony connecting just a few minutes before the end of his 5-day hunt in Manitoba, Canada, with DOA Outfitters.


10 year old Jacob Bongers is from Lonsdale, MN and was originally diagnosed with brain cancer in November of 2021. He has had surgery, chemo, and radiation since then. We are happy to say that Jacob recently returned from a Brainerd Lakes area adventure where he stayed at the Arrowwood Lodge with unlimited passes to the indoor waterpark, and also had guided fishing with Nate Berg. Congratulations Jacob!

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