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2024 Adventure Photos

Konner Repp from Blaine, MN just returned from his fishing adventure to Rainy Lake at Thunderbird Lodge. Konner was guided by the legendary guide Mike Williams. Konner will be needing a heart transplant in the near future, but for now he and his mom Jennifer had a great fishing adventure.

Congratulations Konner!

8 year old Celee Oseguera and her family recently returned from 1 week at the Give Kids the World village at Disney World. Celee is recovering from leukemia and really needed an amazing get-away. She and her entire family had an awesome time.

Congratulations Celee!!

6 year old Bianca Gozola is from Savage, MN and had a heart transplant in September 2022. Bianca and her family recently returned from 1 week at the magical Give Kids the World Village at Disney World! They had an amazing trip.


Congratulations Bianca!

18 year old Josh Hansen from Rochester just got back from his adventure to the Rainy River with guide Trent Eineichner. Josh wanted to catch a sturgeon, and wow did he ever!


What a great adventure for this young man just recovering from leukemia. Just look at that smile!


Congrats Josh!

16 year old Maisy Martindale just got her black bear while hunting with DOA Outfitters in Manitoba! Maisy was born with congenital heart defects and has had over 30 surgeries so far.


What a great adventure for Maisy!! Congratulations!

21 year old Connor Johnson from Rochester bagged his black bear at DOA Outfitters in Manitoba. Connor was diagnosed with stage 4 medulloblastoma brain cancer. After 6 weeks of beam radiation, 48 weeks of Chemo, and brain surgery, Connor is now in remission and was able to go on this awesome adventure.


Congratulations Connor!

MJ Arns was recently diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma that spread to lungs. He has had chemo, radiation, a bone replaced with a cadaver bone, and will soon have another surgery. We are happy to report that MJ and his dad recently returned from a peacock bass fishing adventure in the Florida everglades with guide Dave Schueck of Sunset Glow Guide Service.


In 3 days of fishing they caught 150-200 peacock bass plus other species of fish too. Congrats MJ!! We hope you loved your adventure!

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